Diet & Training: The Beginning

This is long winded, but I think it’s well thought out. When I decided to start this, I figured a (b)log would be the way to go. Any thoughts are welcome. Don’t worry, for those of you with attention disorders, there are CLIFFS at the bottom.


I’ve been “training” consistently for about three years. I’m not a big guy, but I think I’m fairly strong for my size (5’9”, 140lbs) Like most I’ve has some success, some failure and a whole lot in-between. At my heaviest, I weighed in around 165lbs. Right now, I’m hovering around 140lbs. Last June, at my leanest, I was able to cut down to 134lbs.  As you can see below, I was starting to get that Tyler Durden physique…but a stiff wind could knock me over. And seeing as we can’t talk about Fight Club…

Recently, I injured/strained my shoulder, likely from poor form using a weight I really couldn’t handle. Because the pain just wasn’t going away, and I’ve been an “I HAVE TO LIFT TODAY” kind of guy, I decided it was a good time to deload (which I’ve never done). So, I took two weeks to deload. I’m went through all the lifts with a 50% decrease in weight while practicing perfect form.

I am going to begin an upper/lower, hypertrophy split while incorporating the “Leangains” approach to intermittent fasting. I’m not so much looking to bulk up, as I am wanting to do a bit of a body “re-composition.” If I had to guess, I’d say my body fat is sitting around 12%…maybe 13%…but that’s more of a diet issue.

I’ll get to the diet part in a bit.


I’ll train 4 days a week (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri) and rest the others. I’ll be going for hypertrophy and focusing on proper form for all movements while lifting with a (hopefully) high level of intensity.

I think part of my lack of “gains” or progress recently has been due to a lack of rest combined with the fact I often eat like a squirrel much of the time. I will be going for slow, perfect form, 100% of the time. In the past, I did almost twice as many sets…with a ton of isolation movements.

On compound lifts, I will incorporate Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT), which essentially is staring with the heaviest weight first to reach my goal then lowering weight in following sets at strength decreases.

Upper A (Monday): Chest/shoulder/back work was chosen based on movements that do not cause any pain/minimal to shoulder.

Incline DB Press 3(sets) x 6-10(6 reps heaviest weight, 8 reps, 10 reps)

Weighted Dips 3×6-10

DB Shoulder Press 3×6-10

Cable (lat)Pull-down 3×12

EZ Bar Curl 3×12

Lower A (Tuesday):

BB Squat 3×6-10

Trap Bar Deadlift 3×6-10

Incline Leg Press 2×12

Standing Calf Raise 4×15

Leg Extensions 2×12

Seated Leg Curl 2×12

Upper B (Thursday):

Incline DB Press 3×6-10

Weighted Dips 3×6-10

Barbell Row 3×6-10

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 3×12

Incline DB Curls 3×12

Lower B (Friday):

BB Squat 3×6-10

Trap Bar Deadlift 3×6-10

Machine Leg Press 2×12

One Leg Iso Extention 2×12

Lying Leg Curl 2×12

Machine Calf Press 4×15


I will be following an intermittent fasting protocol as outline by Martin Berkhan on

Below is a brief description of what this means, but I highly suggest you checkout b/c it has a ton of valuable information. Leangains is not a supplement site nor does it try to sell you ANYTHING. Does it work? Beats me…but a ton of people love it and since I like eating primarily in the second half of the day, it seems right up my alley.

• I will be using the Leangains guide to hopefully recomp…hopefully add 5-10lbs of fairly lean mass (or lean as possible) over three months.

• I will be training in a fasted state b/c I train early (7:30AM). I will be taking BCAA’s before, during and after each training session.

• Feeding window will be Noon-8PM. I realize this is not ideal based on my training time (7am) but I have found it is the easiest to follow as I feel better when satiated in the afternoon evening.


• Training days: +500kcal with 50% carbs (375g), 30% protein (225g) and 20% fat (66g) based on an average of 3000kcal (plus or minus based on Body Media)

• Non training Days: -500kcal with 20% carbs (100g), 50% protein (250g) and 30% fat (66g) based on average of 2000kcal (plus or minus based on Body Media)

I am starting this on Monday 2/27/2012. I may decide to take a few “before” photos and post them here…just so I and the one other person following this, likely my mother, can see the progress (or lack of) over the next few months.



– FF27 injured shoulder lifting heavy, deloading now, starting upper/lower split.

– FF27 writes a few paragraphs of sh-t nobody will read

– FF27 lists sample training split

– FF27 using leangains for body recomp, lean muscle

– FF27 using Body Media and gives average expected macro breakdown

– Nobody reads FF27’s CLIFFS

– FF27 starts log on 2/27, becomes all sorts of ripped up in three months…still doesn’t look like he lifts.


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