2/27 & 2/28: Sleeping, Eating and Squatting – WTF, Man? PART I

The past few days, I have actually woken up a little bit early…which can be a good or bad thing. On Monday, it was great b/c I got up at 5:30 anticipating my training session. Today, I woke up at 4AM, tired as shit and was unable to get back to sleep. I usually have a hard time falling asleep at night, but this was the exact opposite…and I paid for it.

Monday 2/27/2012

On Monday morning, I had a Facebook message from an old college buddy. For purposes of my interwebs diary, we’ll call him Ricky…because that’s his name. It was an inspirational video someone had posted on YouTube. I had seen it before, but I played it over and over as I was warming up, getting ready to throw around some heavy (light, actually) shit.


I was debating whether or not to post “before” pictures. But, I figured “what the hell,” and snapped a few pics before I headed for the gym. “It’s all in the spirit of accountability,” I told myself. Yeaaa…Have you ever looked in the mirror and admired yourself?  Maybe a voice in your head said, “I look pretty damn good!” But then you looked at a picture of yourself, snapped that very same day and that same little voice whispered, “Well, shit…” Yea…that pretty much sums up this little picture-taking session.I’m not going to spend any time discussing how I feel about this, but it’s pretty much the reason I started this little diary thing. But if you look at the picture I posted of myself from last June, you might realize that I have put on a few pounds…and it ain’t muscle.

Beginning Stats: 143.2lbs, 31″ waist, 14″ bicep, 38″ chest, 19.5″ quad, 13″ calf

2/27/2012 Training: As you can likely tell already, I can be a bit long-winded. But for this first “training” day, I may spend some time explaining what each number means just so you can get an idea of what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. In my post a few days ago, I explained the exact training protocol so you may what to go back and check it out. Strap in, here we go.

Example Exercise:  4(sets)x6-12(reps): 6-8-10-12(reps I achieved) / 65-60-55-45(weight) Note: When using dumbbells, the weight shown is for ONE DB. When I achieve the target reps per set, I move up in weight the following week,

Upper Body A:
Incline DB (dumbbell) Press   4×6-12:  6-8-10-12 / 65-60-55-45
Weighted Dips                        3×6-10:  6-8-10      / 60-50-45
DB Shoulder Press                 3×6-10:  6-5-9        / 50-45-40
Lat Pulldown                              3×12:  12-10-6    / 120-130-130
EZ Bar Curl                                3×12:  10-12-8    / 60-50-60
Note: You’ll see that I hit my goal reps on the incline press and dips, so I will move up in weight next week. On the shoulder press, I will likely leave the weight the same and try for a little more rest. On the pulldown I’ll stick with 120lbs until I hit 12 reps on at least two sets and I will do the same for the curls. In the future I won’t explain the reasons for moving up or down in weight as I assume you get the idea. As far as intensity, I felt like I was going to vomit for an hour after leaving the gym.

2/27/2012 Diet: I’ll begin by saying that I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stick with the intermittent fasting as I had a very hard time getting down all the calories I needed in an 8 hour window.

BodyMedia calorie burn: 2688kcal
Calories Consumed: 3046kcal
Carbs: 382g (49.1%)
Protein: 278g (35.6%)
Fat: 53g (15.3%)
Note: If you do the simple math on the calories, it might be a little off as I do consume some straight BCAA products like extend which I may or may not enter into the Body Media…but it’s not a large enough quantity to make a difference. At least I don’t think…

SO…that’s the first day. I was going to post everything about Tuesday (today) also, but I’m f-ing shot…today was a little more intense. So I’ll get to that tomorrow. After that, I’ll likely only update this twice per week. I didn’t realize the effort I’d need to put into this, but believe me…I’m glad you’re here and hope you decide to follow my progess as it will keep me highly motivated. There is a “follow” option in the lower right hand corner. If you sign up, you’ll get an email each time I update. See you tomorrow!

And, for your time…


3 thoughts on “2/27 & 2/28: Sleeping, Eating and Squatting – WTF, Man? PART I

    • Ripped? Ha! I appreciate that, but I am very far from ripped. Gotta get rid of this little Budda belly I have been raising for the past six months. Hope you keep following along!

  1. I’m with Adam…BUT, it’s always good to feel good about yourself and live a healthy lifestyle…it keeps little Buddha (even nonexistent) from becoming Jabba. Good luck!

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