2/27 & 2/28: Sleeping, Eating and Squatting – WTF, Man? PART II

Tuesday morning, I woke up around 4AM. I’d like to say this happened because I was psyched for my training session but it likely was due to the cold I still have. Not being able to breathe through your nose OR mouth has tendency to interrupt sleep patterns. I’m not a doctor but I watch enough House M.D. to self diagnose myself much of the time.

Anyhoo, I was terribly tired and was wondering if this was going to have a negative impact on my training. It should be no surprise that I enjoy working my upper body much more than my lower. For me, the reason is simple: Lower body days are hard. Squats are hurt like hell and deadlifts are hard as shit…that’s why not many people do them. In fact, until recently, I didn’t do them either. But I have found there is nothing more satisfying than doing some ATG (ass to grass) squats and then having a hard time walking out of the gym. I use this picture as motivation (even thought I am aware it is photoshopped):

I would pay serious coin to have those legs...and I'm a dude.

Note: Before I get mocked, I just want to throw out there that my legs are terribly weak. Chicken Little wouldn’t want these wheel. But I’ll be honest about my the weight of each lift so we can all see my weekly progress…

2/28/2012 Training
High Bar Squat                          3×6-10:  6-8-8     / 155-145-135
Trap Bar Deadlift                       3×6-10:  6-8-10   / 195-185-175
Incline Leg Press                          2×12:  12-10    / 280-290
Standing Calf Raise                      4×15:  15-15-15-15 / 250×2, 260×2
Leg Extensions                             2×12:  12-10    / 100, 120
Seated Leg Curls                          2×12: 12-10     / 100, 120

2/28/2012 Diet
BodyMedia Calorie Burn:  3103kcal
Calories Consumed: 3491kcal
Carbs: 430g (47.4%)
Protein: 287g (31.6%)
Fat: 85g (21.1%)

Note: It’s the day after this workout and my legs are f-ing SCREAMING! I can walk ok, but if I sit down for more than 2 minutes, everything tightens up and I’m screwed. I wondering if the volume might be a bit much on leg days. I might drop the leg press…we’ll see how I adapt. Another thing I might drop is the intermittent fasting, at least on training day, as I am having a difficult time getting in all my calories in an 8 hour window. Eating 3500 calories is a little harder than I thought.

For your time:

This is Diana Chaloux. She used to work out at my gym...I find her terribly not ugly.


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