The BodyMedia Device: I love it.

I’ve never really watched The Biggest Loser…well, maybe a few minutes here and there. I don’t think they the type of weight loss they promote is healthy or even realistic. But I’m not a doctor. From what I hear, they do have contestants were a BodyBugg or BodyMedia device. I believe the two are very similar and generally provide the same information.

The BM is a little expensive ($150) and requires a yearly subscription ($80), but if you have the means, I highly recommend this. The amount of information it provides is crazy. You can check it every hour, every day, every week, etc. Below is my weekly report for Sunday 2/26 – Saturday 3/3. The numbers are a bit “off” because I did not wear it last Sunday but you get the idea.


3/1 & 3/2: Intermittent Fasting – OINK, OINK

I swear than I had done a ton of research regarding intermittent fasting and muscle gain/fat loss. In fact, I had used IF protocol for weight loss before and I liked because it helped me feel more satiated during the evening hours..something I always struggle with when “dieting.” That said…

Fasting sucks when trying to consume a larger than normal amount of calories. I know many people think that to stay “anabolic,” one must eat 5-8 smaller meals throughout the day. Based on my extensive Google research and a doctorate degree is Broscience, I think that idea is utter bullshit.

That said, there is simply no way I would be able to sustain a diet where I had to cram 3,500 to 4,500 calories into an 8 hour window. My job generally keeps me extremely active and, according my BodyMedia, I burn close to 3,500 to 4,000 calories on days I train and am also out in the field. On regular days, my “maintenance” is around 2,500kcal. For example, on Thursday, I burned 3,908kcal and while my goal was is to eat +500 on training days, I was only able to stuff in 3,600 calories in the eight-hour window. I tried to get it all in, but by 7:55PM and with the 6th TSP of JIF in my mouth, I felt like I was going to puke. My brain said “DO IT!” but my body said:

On training days I’m going to hit +500kcal with 40%-50% carbs, 30%-40% protein and 10%-20% fat. On non-training days, I’m going to try to hit -500kcal to maintenance with 40%-50% protein, 30%-40% fats and 10%-20% carbs. I’m not going to post my macros for non-training days…just assume everything is in line unless I note otherwise. Don’t worry, I won’t change this again…until next week.

3/1/2012 Training: A post or two ago, I had a motivation video that was sent to me by my buddy Ricky. It was very similar to a video I often “listen” to on my way into the gym. I get very motivated by music, motivational quotes, etc. and I thought I’d share this one:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Upper Body B:
Incline DB Press                     4×6-12:  6-8-10-8   / 70-65-60-50
Weighted Dips                        3×6-10:  6-8-10      / 70-55-50
Barbbell Row                            3×6-10:  8-6-10      / 135-145-125
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press    3×12:  12-10-12    / 50-60-60
Incline DB Curl                        3×12:  10-12-8    / 25-25-25

3/1/2012 Diet:
BodyMedia calorie burn: 3908kcal
Calories Consumed: 3604kcal
Carbs: 504g (53.8%)
Protein: 295g (31.4%)
Fat: 62g (14.9%)
I took a quick picture of myself when I finished with my workout. As you can see, I’m huge…and also African-American…and a professional football player.

3/2/2012 Training: I really didn’t think I was going to even be able to attempt another leg day this week as I had been having a hard time walking the past few days. But I gave it a go and to my surprise, I had a great session…in fact, it was better than this past Tuesday. I felt that I was very focused and lifted with a good deal of intensity.

3/2/2012 Training
 Low Bar Squat                          3×6-10:  6-8-10     / 155-145-135
Deadlift                                      3×6-10:  6-8-10   / 205-195-185
Incline Leg Press                          2×12:  12-10    / 290-290
Machine Calf Press                       4×15:  15-15-15-15 / 160-180-180-200
“One” Leg Extensions                   2×12:  12-10    / 50-60
Lying Leg Curls                             2×12:  12-8     / 100, 110

3/2/2012 Diet
BodyMedia Calorie Burn:  3072kcal
Calories Consumed: 3568kcal
Carbs: 357g (39.3%)
Protein: 358g (39.4%)
Fat: 86g (21.3%)

This has been a fantastic week in terms of motivation and determination. I feel like I have been really dialed in to everything I have been doing this week in the gym. I’m not sure if anyone is following this, but I think I’ll keep it going for my own personal benefit.

The past few posts have included a picture of a hot “fitness chick.” But I don’t want to leave the ladies out in the cold. What would you rather see?

For your time: